Eric Jorden and Forensic Engineering


The following fees are charged according to the consulting and forensic engineering services carried out.  Disbursements and the fees of sub-consultants are charged at cost.

Forensic Consulting Engineer
(Testifying at discovery or trial)


Forensic Consulting Engineer
(Preparing for testifying at discovery or trial. Forensic engineering investigation and consultation)


Senior Consulting Engineer
(Investigating failures, fatal accidents, injuries. Litigation, claims)



Consulting Engineer
(Reviewing reports by others.  Routine investigation of failures)


(Forensic investigation)




Assistant/Word Processing




Disbursements & Expenses

at cost

Estimates for consulting professional engineering services will be given on receipt of a request in writing for an estimate.  The time spent preparing estimates and carrying out the consulting engineering work will be invoiced according to the Schedule of Fees.

Fees are charged according to the qualifications and experience required by the engineering work.  The time charged includes time in the office, in the field, travel back and forth, and any other activities involved in the consulting work.  13% HST is charged on all fees and disbursements.

Accounts are due when rendered.  Interest is charged on overdue accounts at the rate of 2% per month, compounded quarterly.  Fees, disbursements and expenses are charged for collecting overdue accounts according to the Schedule of Fees.

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Eric Jorden and Forensic Engineering